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Monday, November 20, 2006

rendang and lemang

Apology for being away. I know it has been a while. Too many things happened these past few months - most of them happy and some are even exhilirating. A case of too much living, too little blogging, I guess.
I saw his rendang pics last month and went on a month long craving. And her mouthwatering month long Ramadhan Bazaar pictures didn't help either.

So I went to my favourite toko and got the supplies and set my heart and kitchen to make lemang sans bamboo and rendang ayam (chicken rendang). No proper recipe yet because everything is still on agak-agak phase.
My lemang is made our of an equal quantity of white glutinous rice and black glutinous rice (pulut) and soaked in water overnight. It is then steamed in coconut milk with sugar and salt for 20minutes. Once the pulut is halfcooked, I wrapped it in banana leaf and a layer of aluminium foil and baked it in the oven for about half an hour. Just before serving, the lemang is heated without the aluminium foil but with the banana leaf intact. The result is exotic looking purple lemang which I didn't quite expect.
I must say I am quite proud of myself as this is the first time I am making chicken rendang. I usually make beef rendang. I was lucky to get all the proper fresh herbs - lemongrass, galangal, tumeric leaves and kaffir lime leaves at my toko. I even made some kerisik - dry fried grated coconut flesh - another essential ingredient which makes rendang, well rendang. This version tastes as authentic as you get but not hot at all as I toned down the chillies and added some paprika instead.

This was part of the dinner I served our friends last night for our Raya Open House - a Malaysian tradition where you open your house to everyone and anyone after the holy month of Ramadhan. Our open house came late because as in Malaysia, Eid is celebrated the whole month.

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