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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

the best fish in Maastricht

The night before we left for home, Terry took me out on a little date to Le Bon Bassin, the best place to eat fish and seafood in Maastricht. The restaurant belongs to the Timmers family who also owns Les Trois Seaux, with a reputation of serving the freshest fish and seafood.
The atmosphere leading to the restaurant is fantastic. You walk down from the staircase to the 't Bassin area which hosts art galleries, restaurants, terraces (terraced cafes to enjoy the view while having your coffee/wine) and the harbour. While Maastricht is a fabulous place to be in, 't Bassin transports you somewhere else, south of France maybe... and that night even the air smelled like France!
We both chose a different set menu because it was already 9 by the time we reached the restaurant. We started off with champagne and the restaurants served a little welcoming amuse - i love the dutch word for it - Kleine mondvermaakjes.
Terry chose the Proef de Zee and I had the Menu d'Homard, accompanied by a bottle of Chardonnay from Chile. The half lobster and oysters I had for starter was generous, so fresh and sweet, I can still smell the sea...
Terry had the Petite Fruit de Mer (second pix above) which was rather generous for a starter and left us wondering what the real Fruit de Mer would be like! Both starters were accompanied by a selection of sauces and we couldn't be happier digging into them...
I love the simplicity and the honesty of the cooking. We both had a bowl of lobster soup between the starter and the mains. It didn't look picture worthy but the taste was out of this world. The balance of sweetness, creaminess and a touch of savoury was just right.
My main was lobster and sole in saffron sauce. I was delighted to find white asparagus since it was in season on the plate. Since we usually have white asparagus done in the classic way - with butter sauce and eggs - the saffron sauce which brought out the best of the fish was a lovely discovery for the white asparagus too!

Terry had sole with lemon butter. This classic dish is one of his favourite way to eat fish and he wasn't disappointed. The fish was really fresh and sweet.

By the time we were done with dinner and wine, we were so full, we declined the sorbet. We had coffee to finish the meal. It was past midnight when we left, the last to leave the resto. We took a slow walk back to the hotel, enjoying the moon, the gorgeous summer night...

Le Bon Bassin

Bassinkade 11

6211 AL Maastricht

T: 043-3260927


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tea at Quartier Bassin

We usually go for a little weekendtje (weekend getaway) to a nearby city and we are so lucky to be able to choose between so many cities in NL, Germany and Belgium. Our main category is the city should not be more than 2 hours drive away. We were in Maastricht for the Pinksteren weekend - a long weekend here with Nabila having off from school till Tuesday. Pinksteren coincided with Mother's Day and the weekendtje was part of my pressie.

We had a really great time. Since it is not our first time in Maastricht, we were not really rushing to complete an itinerary. There was no real plan, we were just there to enjoy the city, to spend time away from the routine, to spoil ourselves with great food and just to relax. The city was also quiet since nothing was opened but restos, pubs, terraces and museums on Sunday and Monday (when most of the restos are closed).

After hitting the shops on Tuesday and before going home, we made arrangement for tea at the Quartier Bassin's Lunchroom at the newly restored 'Bassin. Angele Souren, the owner of the lunchroom and also the boutique hotel we were staying at was there to host the afternoon.
We had the royal high tea, which started off with champagne and a choice of cold drinks for Nabila. They spoilt us with a selection of pastries and scones, cakes and a platter of thinly sliced perfectly made sandwiches - which we finished before I remember to take photos!

The scones were served with a selection of jams, marmalade and clotted cream. The little cakes accompanying the scones were delicious. None of them baked in house but obtained from the best patisseries in Maastricht and Belgium. I love the little-little cakes that were served with the scones especially., The financiers were soft and sweet. There were little almond cakes with figs which was truly divine!

An afternoon tea by the harbour in 'Bassin watching the world goes by... the best way to end a weekendtje in Maastricht ;-)

Make a reservation, so you won't be disappointed:
Lunchroom Quartier Bassin
76211 AL Maastricht
Tel.: +31 (0) 6 - 250 21 806
Fax: +31 (0)43- 35 80 150

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Taste Of Yellow

Barbara over at Winos and Foodies is one of the treasures I found through blogging. We have just met through this event but she has already touched my life so much. If you haven't read Barbara's blog, you must head over there now - this is someone so generous in spirit, a roaring sense humour and a soul that truly defined LiveStrong.

I am so glad I participated in this year's Livestrong with a taste of yellow, along with 178 other fabulous lekker entries! Head over to Barbara to check these lists of yellow lekkerness now!

PS: this is just a short post. Will update soon. We just returned from vacation.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


There is no sushi restaurant where I live. Not even a bad one with a all-you-can-eat menu or a conveyor belt. Luckily, I live about 30 minutes drive away from Dusseldorf - the best place to eat sushi in Europe! The Klosterstrasse is lined with authentic intimate sushi restaurants. Of all, this one is our favourite.
It is a small Japanese restaurant serving sushi, sashimi and typical Japanese fair. It is usually full and we're the only non Japanese there. Just the way I like it.
Don't even think of ordering California rolls - or any other creative concoctions - you are better off finding that in Galeria Kaufhof food department. This is the place when you want honest, authentic Japanese food made with the freshest ingredients and a lot of Love!
And look... the facade is so plain - there is nto even the name of the restaurant on the front - just a menu in Japanese. And don't even think of dropping by without reservation...
Klosterstr. 70,
40211 Dusseldorf.
Tel: 0211-362677