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Sunday, March 08, 2009

how to cook salmon or why I am a smug mother...

I know I am rather smug when it comes to how great my children are with food. I just love the fact that they not only eat fish, they love them. And the fact that Nabila thinks Captain Igloo is yucky. It's easy to be a smug mom when you see how they eat fish - done in any way... and this in Quinten's second favourite fish dish - fried salmon. It is so simple; it is laughable to give a recipe. But this is how I do it - just heat up some vegetable oil in a pan. Add your favourite fish when it is smoking hot, season with white pepper. Today I used a 500g fillet I got from the market. Turn and cook for a few minutes more according to your liking and serve.
I serve mine with an instinctive lemon juice+red cut bird's eye chilies and light soy sauce dip. For the children, omit the chilies. A simple salad and some hot white rice. And you have a winning Sunday dinner! This pretty much sums up my idea of heaven.There is only one secret to it - get the freshest fish you can. Your children would love it too!


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