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Friday, March 13, 2009

mi hun sarapan

There is a wide variety of things you can eat for breakfast in Malaysia. There is even a variety of noodles served. At my parent's we usually have a choice of hot or cold breakfast. the hot breakfast was usually mee goreng (fried noodles), mihun goreng (fried rice noodles), nasi lemak, pancake or french toast.

The noodles served for breakfast were usually more modest than the ones served for lunch, dinner or at family gatherings. My mom didn't use any meat in them. Instead she used a lot of veggies, tofu, dried shrimps and some eggs. This is the kind of noodles that spells homecooked for me. And the kind that I really miss. Luckily the ingredients are not that difficult to find. Almost all the ingredients, including the fish sauce can be found in the supermarket. The only thing you have to get from the Asian store is the dried shrimp. You can of course add the ingredients as you please.

The secret to make it taste more authentic are to fry the shallots until it is brown but not quite crispy and to pound the chilies, garlic and ginger together. The browned shallot adds sweetness to the mi hun. And I don't even have to tell you that something magical always happens when you add a pounded chili paste into a hot wok.

Mi Hun Sarapan
half a packet of mi hun - soak in hot water for 5 minutes (or as per packet instruction and drained) until al dente - make sure it is not too soft otherwise it will break. Rinse in cold water and drain until ready to use.
2 shallots - slice as thinly as you can
2 garlic
1 cm ginger
2 chilies
a handful of dried shrimp - or less according to preference - soak in hot water then drained
an egg
1/2 tsp fish sauce
baby bak choy (or choy sum, taugeh, cabbage)
juice of 1 lime.
salt, pepper and sugar to taste

1. Pound garlic, ginger and chilies until it resembles a paste. I didn't do this too finely as I like to bite a bit into the chillies. Add the dried shrimp and pound some more.
2. Whisk the egg lightly
3. Heat up the wok and add a little sunflower/vegetable oil.
4. Add sliced shallots into the wok and fry until it is brown but not quite crispy.
5. Add the chili and shrimp paste. Fry for 3-4 minutes.
6. Add the whisked egg and mix thoroughly.
7. Add a splash of fish sauce and season.
8. Add the noodles. Add a little bit of water so the mi hun soak in all the flavours and gets softened further (this is why you mustn't soak it till it is really soft).
9. Add the veggies.
10. Add a squeeze of lime and taste for seasoning. Serve.


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