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Sunday, September 13, 2009

fig, walnut and goat cheese salad

a favourite way to break fast. Sweet and light enough to ease intake into an empty stomach and yet filling enough to hold the body for an hour to complete the rest of the Ramadhan rituals before taking the main course.

Figs has always been a favourite. Late summer treat that filled the house with honey like fragrance, red and luscious and perfect accompaniment to the locally produced goat cheese. The walnut is the new harvest for the year, acquired from the health shop - a bit of a revelation since I thought only Darjeeling has first flush - fresh nutty and creamy totally different from the ones you get from the supermarket!
The salad is topped with some alfalfa sprout and more garden green sprout and orange vinaigrette.

Fig, walnut and goat cheese salad
100g goat cheese
2 ripe figs
3-5 walnuts
alfalfa and garden sprouts

for vinaigrette
orange juice
toasted walnut oil
salt and black pepper

1. Mix all the vinaigrette ingredients together and whisk to create an emulsion. Place int he fridge until ready to use.
2. Cut the figs, toast the walnut and arrange everything on your favourite plate with the goat cheese int he middle.
3. Just before serving, whisk the vinaigrette thoroughly and pour on the salad. It might look a bit thin but it will be perfect for the creamy and rich goat cheese!
4. Serve with baguette.

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