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Saturday, February 13, 2010

we will always have Paris

We always make a point to celebrate Valentine's Day. This year is a little awkward because it falls on Chinese New Year and Carneval weekend - which is celebrated in a big way in our part of the world. So sometime last month, T cleared his calender on a Friday, made a reservation in our favourite hotel in our favourite part of Paris, arranged for his mom to take care of the children for the weekend and told me the night before we left to pack so he can take me for a little getaway in Paris.

Because we know Paris quite well and having lived in the city for two years, we manage to squeeze everything that we want to do within 48 hours mainly just holding hands, kissing, laughing, talking about our dreams, walking through the Latin Quartier, packing picnic lunches since we had what was probably the most beautiful weather to be in Paris in January, getting some great bargains during the sales, more laughing, more kissing and eating and eating and eating...